Ughh! Caffeine crash is the worse

Millions of people rely on coffee to give them the morning kick every day.

And millions suffer from a caffeine-crash.

Caffeine crashes can cause

❌ Dozing off

❌ Irritability

❌ Inability to focus

❌ Just a general feeling of tiredness

White tea has significantly less caffeine

than a single cup of coffee but it also gives a much more smooth caffeine effect than coffee.

✅ So, no sudden crash too!

Why try white tea?


Richest source of anti-oxidantseven more than green tea, so you can sleep better, recover better from exercise and overall feel and look younger

White tea can help boost your metabolism by an extra 4–5% equal to burning 70-100 calories per day.

You don't need aeropress,french-press, 102 filters and a weighing machine. Dip in hot water and you have a nice cup of white tea

Frequently Answered Qs


Where do you source the tea from?

Finest tea garden of Assam. Well, that was given right? But I also hand-picked the flavours myself.

Why should I buy from you?

This is a single man shop. I started it because I loved the experience of drinking white tea, since the first time I had it. You should buy from this store if you would like to experience it for yourself.

Why white tea though?

Well, I drank it the first time on a travel solo trip and I liked it so much so that I bought it for my friends. Then they liked it. And well everything snow-balled from there.

Are you legit?

Yes, my name is Vedant Lohbare. You can google me, I am a real human being and this is a legit store:)

What if I don't like it?

Well, you may or may not. If you don't like the tea, mail me at feedback@tinyteakettle.com and I'll issue a refund instantly:) Promise.

Have more questions?

You can mail me at vedant@tinyteakettle.com , and I'll respond with-in an hour

A small home-grown brand trying to fight your caffeine crash the good way.